La fée verte is a fictional brand for an Absinthe bottle package design that would unleash the true essence of this misunderstood spirit.
Moodboard & Inspiration
This conceptual packaging design was created for a fictional absinthe spirit bottle. Absinthe is made from wormwood plants and was also called "green fairy" and was believed to make people go insane (hallucinations, mania and psychosis). Absinthe was even banned in 1912 because it was believed to be dangerous. There was also a cocktail called Death in the Afternoon invented by Ernest Hemingway made up with champagne in absinthe.
Final Design
The design includes two green fairies that are transformed into two skeletons in the dark using phosphorescent ink. The squares were meant to ressemble sugar cubes often used when drinking absinthe. The ornament at the top of the label was inspired by the anis plant and the designs often found in absinthe spoons.
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