This project aimed to create an eCommerce that would sell various items surrounding a bee thematic such as honeycomb earrings, prints, mugs, tote bags, etc. 15% of profits would go directly to an association to protect bees.
Honeycomb Earrings
After a few explorations of different potential designs and variations, the outcome was a minimalist and geometric shape. The earring was made using an acrylic sheet and a laser cutter. The final piece was then assembled with an earring hook and ring. Ecofriendly materials options will be explored.
This illustration is meant to be printed on a poster. To bring variety to this e-commerce, many styles were explored while following the same thematic and colour palette.
Using the platform Wordpress along with WooCommerce would allow to business to test out the market while producing print-on-demand items for its customers. Then, after measuring the size of the clientele, personalized earrings would be produce accordingly.
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